Stroll Around a Yangon Market, Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

In addition to the famous Bogyoke market, there are many other places of Yangon market which take place right on the sidewalk.

Visiting a Yangon market, you will smell the fragrance of jasmine from women with wreaths on their wrist. You could also smell the flavor of meat, fish and chicken. Like other markets, sidewalk markets in Yangon provides all kinds of goods from meats, eggs, cheese to the famous Thanaka cream – a kind of sunscreen that Burmese women often apply on their face.

Colorful Yangon market with fragrant jasmine

The popular sight of the streets in Yangon is local vendors purchasing their handicrafts and goods under the fragrant jasmines. Their vendors could be sacks full of rice, plastic bowls or bamboo baskets containing carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables.

They also sell numerous kinds of meat including pork, chicken, beef, etc. on the side walk. In the distance of Yangon market, you may encounter fish stalls with a pile of fish displaying on banana leaves. Additionally, you could also meet local vendors selling bright yellow turmeric in the market.

Cultural beauty of Yangon market on the sidewalk

At these sidewalk markets, there are not only businessmen, sellers but also a lot of customers at all ages. You can see the elders, local monks, couples, or even a little kids strolling there.

From a distance, you may feel that the Yangon market is too bustling but once you experienced, you will quickly fall in love with the rustic life of the local people. You can easily make friend with a local or interact with a vendor to understand more about the custom and the unique traditions of Burmese in this former capital.

Strolling around a Yangon market, do not miss the chance to stop at some food stalls and savor yummy dishes there. This will be an interesting experience in your Yangon travel in particular and package tours Myanmar in general.

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