Sule Pagoda - The Humble Gem in Yangon

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It is seemingly hard to believe in a bustling and crowded city like Yangon, Myanmar, tourists possibly come in handy to drop in a restful and peaceful spot lying stately in the heart of Yangon. Well known for its magical, legendary stories, Sule Pagoda is worth of visit for those bearing historical curiosities and seeking for a cool place to reenergize as well as refresh from huge crowds and congestions.

Sule Pagoda and Its History

Located right in the centre of modern Yangon, Sule Pagoda appears to striking in the octagonal form. From the far distance, it looks like the King’s hat easily noticeable in gold. In comparison with other pagoda in Myanmar, Sule Pagoda is in a sort of average range. Its height is 44 meters and its structures are originated from India.

sule pagoda yangon
Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

It is amazed to learn that Sule Pagoda is about 2,500 years old, which older than the famous Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon. Sule Pagoda is named after a nat with a strong power called Sularata. Sule Pagoda's history could be covered in a long book as it actually witnessed and played a vital part in Myanmar’s political events, specifically in 1988 and 2007. For this reason, Sule Pagoda becomes one of important heritages of Yangon city.

sule pagoda yangon 2
The Area surrounding the Pagoda

What to See in Sule Pagoda?

Like various temples and pagoda, Sule Pagoda is a place where local people come in and express their religious respect and belief. As a result, whenever tourists approach this pagoda, they might see a lot of citizens praying in a formal way. By observing their deeds of good merits, it is understandable how religion accounts for a crucial role in their daily lives.

sule pagoda yangon 1
A partial view of Sule Pagoda

In addition, going inside the pagoda, travelers can discover the amazing architectures and perhaps get surprised to explore why a huge building like Sule Pagoda has its admirable age of 2500.

Although Sule Pagoda is surrounded by busy lives in Yangon city, it always brings tourists from all walks of life the feelings of peace and warm heart. Hence, your walk of Yangon is never accomplished unless you go for Sule Pagoda. This is also a great place to take a break during your tired trip in Yangon.

sule pagoda yangon 3
Close Sule Pagoda from Mahabandoola Park

If you want to get inside Sule Pagoda for further exploration, you are required to put your shoes out at the shoes counter for the sake of maintain Sule Pagoda clean all the time. Because Sule Pagoda is not on par with other pagodas in terms of size, it simply takes rather short time to grasp its related information.

With a view to gain further insight of Sule Pagoda itself as well as its legend, you are suggested to have a guide with you, who can provide you a full of information to better understand a cool site in Yangon.

sule pagoda yangon 4
Golden Sule Pagoda at Night Yangon, Myanmar

Out of Sule Pagoda, there are services such as palmistry and astrology, thus, if you are curious about these, you had better to give them a try. It might be funny and of interesting experience.

At night, Sule Pagoda turns out to be sparkling and magnificent in the heart of the city since its lights from gold shining exotic colors along with the dark creates stunning and picturesque sceneries for the city to become eye-catching and inviting in tourists’’ eyes.

sule pagoda yangon 5
Interior of the Sule Pagoda

Some Tips for Sule Pagoda Visit

It is easy to remind that Sule Pagoda is a religious place; hence, you are supposed to dress well and follow the little rules here. It could be not to wear short and put your shoes out at the entrance.

sule pagoda yangon 6
Locals at Sule Pagoda

Furthermore, Sule Pagoda stands right the roundabout of Yangon city which is covered by numerous crowds of traffic vehicles and people. As a result, it is better to reach Sule Pagoda on foot rather by taxi. By this way, you are offered a chance to take a stroll in a bustling city and save your budget as well.

Hope these information above will help you know more about Sule Pagoda, If you intend to vist to Myanmar, don't miss a chance to explore this beautiful pagoda. Our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises is willing to assist you to have the best travelling experiences.

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