The 5 Costs Not Included in Myanmar Cruise Price

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Burma River Cruises offer upscale voyages with opulent facilities and numerous interesting activities onboard in order to give each and every passenger a perfect vacation on the way to explore the golden land. Cruising in Myanmar is a luxury trip but worth every penny with the exceptional experiences and excellent service. Hence, the cruise price is not “all – inclusive” as many people think, there are still some specific items requiring an additional fee.

International Flights and Visa Fees

The cruise price does not include the international airfare or any visa fees. That’s what you have to pay first to enter the country before taking a cruise trip. The procedures to get a visa in Myanmar is very easy thanks to the e visa system launched in 2014. For more details about getting a Myanmar visa, check out Myanmar eVisa and Necessary Information.

myanmar river cruises exclusions
Myanmar cruise price does not include airfares and visa fee

Phone Calls, Laundry and Personal Purchases

You might miss your hometown as travelling far away from it. Telephones are set up on board for passengers who wish to keep in touch with their loved ones. The phone calls are charged at a minimal fee. 

myanmar cruises exclusions 

Moreover, during the voyage, inland excursions are also arranged by the ship for tourists to have a closer look at the local life as well as the magnificent monuments. What is a better way to preserve the memories and the experiences about the trip and the country than go shopping. The cruise price excludes every personal expense including daily laundry and any purchases from the gift shop, even in the boutique placed on board. 

myanmar cruise price exclusions
The Strand cruise's
gift shop

Further Beverages and Premium Spirits

Although water and juice are free and unlimited on Myanmar river cruises, the fine alcoholic beverages and spirits are charged at a price. However, you will have a chance to enjoy the spectacular views and the peaceful atmosphere of the riverscapes with numerous outstanding monuments by the banks while indulge in the excellent services and finest drinks of the luxurious bar onboard.  

myanmar cruise price exclusions 1
Alcoholic beverages and spirits cost an additional fee

Spa Treatments

Spa and wellness area are set up on every Myanmar cruise ships in order to helping the passengers relax and gaining the balance of the body and soul. The spa has a wide range of treatments from local to foreign methods with premium products and professional experts. Passengers will have to pay for the treatments but there are many special offers for that depending on each cruise lines. We ensure to make every passenger have the best experience with the good value of money.

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myanmar cruise price exclusions 2
The elegant Thaizin Spa on Anawrahta Cruise is one of the best spa onboard of Myanmar river cruise

Crew and Guide Gratuities

Tips are not included in most cruise ships’ fares, and Luxury Myanmar Cruises is not an exception. The typical charge is 10 USD/ passenger per day but you can also adjust the tips depending on the services and your experiences. Here are some useful tipping guides for cruise in Myanmar for your reference. 

myanmar cruise price exclusion
Tips are given as the level of gratuties

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