Strand Hotel - Paradise of Flawless Refreshment in Yangon

12 Jun 2019 by Admin

A trip to such a Yangon in full of bustle and crowds absolutely promises you an unforgettable and perfect time if you consider one of the striking, 5 star hotel like Strand Hotel your break stop. This amazing hotel is definitely of an excellent choice among an abundance of various residences in Yangon, Myanmar.

What about Strand Hotel

Lying enviously in the heart of Yangon city, Strand Hotel is well renounced by its historical stories. Established in 1901and originally owned by a British entrepreneur, Strand Hotel was run by a lot of different owners through Myanmar’s history.

The Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar

It is said that Strand Hotel underwent a handful of renovation since its opening day. From the very beginning day until now, the brand name Strand Hotel is always on the top of luxurious and fabulous hotels in Myanmar.

It can be seen clearly from the exteriors to interiors of the hotel that modern touches are available everywhere. However, the feelings of staying in a state-of-the-art residence do not go against its coziness and intimacy for most of travelers.

Interiors in Strand Hotel

A wide range of tourists from all corners of the world admit that they are of unexpected satisfaction during their stay here. In all aspects, it is seemingly hard to seek for disappointing features in such a terrific hotel.

The very first impression might be in the staffs that are super friendly and attentive to individual needs. They are willing to get out of their way to offer helps to customers all the time. They are so obliging and well trained that they are sensitive to every customer’s concern.

Experiencing Colonialism At The Strand Hotel In Yangon

Strand Hotel following colonial designs sounds to look outstanding and impressive in most of customers’ eyes. From the atmosphere to furniture, luxury and elegance are features easily called out from very first sight. There are no wrong words to say that Strand Hotel is an oasis of calm in the middle of busy Yangon.

When it comes to the rooms, every single room are designed in a spacious way and well equipped with awesome equipments such as the bathroom, the bed, the air conditioner and others. Therefore, tourists are likely to indulge in the space and enjoy their stay like their home.

A spacious room at Strand Hotel

In terms of its restaurant, there are a huge range of options including traditional Myanmar cuisines as well as international dishes; thus, tourists are of free choice among numerous dishes which are tasty and well prepared by talented chefs.

Furthermore, the social area in Strand Hotel is the strand bar. In this lovely zone, tourists find it handy and interesting to seek for conversations with people from other places. This is really a great place offering a relief from hot weather in Yangon.

The beautiful bar at the Strand Hotel

Another point worth of notice is that customers might fall in love with massage centre in Strand Hotel. This is the spot where tourists are supposed to professionally taken care and able to reenergize and relax after working days of pressure.

Beside widespread known as a heaven of tranquility and comfort, Strand Hotel with its incoming renovation is extremely appealing to tourists in regard of its location. Thanks to its central situation in Yangon, it is immensely accessible for travelers to get access to a number of interest sports nearby from this hotel.

Overview of Strand Hotel

Overall, it seems to be a challenging challenge to find out complaining points in such an epic, glorious and fantastic hotel like Strand Hotel. Its mostly flawless features are well cooperated to turn Strand Hotel into a gem that mark you travel out of time as well as log yourself out of the craziness from Yangon for sure.

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