Tipping Guide for Cruise in Myanmar

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Tipping is now a common custom in many countries in the world, not just the Western ones, especially in the field of tourism and services. However, the one thing all tourists should bear in mind is that there will be many differences in the etiquette of tipping in different parts of the world.

For example, on a river cruise, the amount of tips that you would give to the crew in Asia is likely to be smaller than the sum expected in Europe.

In this article, for those who are about to cruise or consider cruising in Myanmar, we will give you a useful tipping guide for cruise in Myanmar to avoid awkward situations.

Myanmar cruise tipping guides
Tipping is a Common Custom in Many Countries

First of all, we will discuss the matter of currency. So, what kind of currency should I use for tipping in Myanmar? Like in many countries in Asia, the U.S Dollar is preferable when giving tips in Burma, and we also highly recommend using USD. Of course, you can use kyat (MMK), the national currency of Myanmar, but you have to calculate carefully.

This is because you have to estimate a reasonable amount of kyat that you would spend in Myanmar before exchanging. Otherwise, the excessive amount would become useless paper or you will have to exchange back with a deficit.

In addition, make sure that you bring notes with small denomination like $1, $5 or $10, which is very convenient when making purchases at the markets and giving tips. Importantly, you should keep the bank notes as new as possible and do not let them crisp.

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tipping guide for cruises in myanmar
Tipping is a Way to Express Your Gratitude

Usually, tourists are told to give tips with their heart, not by their head. It is true that tips should be left when someone offered us excellent services and made us satisfied. Many people may wonder how much tips they should give because tipping either too little or too much result in awkward situations for both the givers and the receivers.

Well, the amount we should give much depends on the value of the services themselves as well as particular situations. In the main tourist sector, the Burmese would expect the amount of tips as follows.

However, you should bear in mind that in rustic locations that you visit during the shore excursions where people are not familiar with tipping, bounteous tips may make the receiver feel embarrassed. The following suggestions are applicable to both the time during the cruise and time staying ashore.

  • In restaurants and bar, you should leave a tip equal to 10% of total value of the bills
  • For room cleaning and housekeeping services (of your room in a pre/post-cruise hotel and your cabin on board, a tip of $1 per room per night is appropriate.
  • For drivers who transport you from the airport to your hotel or during your day trips, $5 is the right amount, or if you think they did a really god job, feel free to give them a tip of $10.
  • It is customary to tip a taxi driver.
  • A good private guide would deserve $5 per day or $10 if they really made your trip a wonderful experience.

myanmar cruise tipping guide
Gratuities Boxes are Often Placed on Reception Desk

Also, if you pay closer attention, you may notice that many big hotels and cruise ships on the Irrawaddy River now display an instruction on your arrival, in which the tips are suggested to be placed in an envelope in the Gratuities Box at the reception desk. You can choose to write the name of the staff who would receive the tips or else the money would be shared amongst the crew.

For some Myanmar River Cruises, the tips in Myanmar may be included in the price, but you can still feel free to tip the private guide and the crew if they help you enjoy amazing experiences during the journey exploring this mystic Buddhist country.

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