Top 6 Best 4 Star Hotels and Resorts in Bagan

11 Jun 2019 by Admin

A visit to a magnificent city called the home of pagodas and temples as Bagan is definitely a worthwhile tourism. That is the reason why the number of people from all walks of life coming to Bagan for holidays increasingly increases on a yearly basis. As a result, it is understandable why the great residences in terms of service quality and price tags are always on high demand. If you are planning to go for a trip in such an enormously exotic land, you are on the right track to follow this essay which focuses on the best 4 star hotels and resorts in Bagan.

1. Aye Yar River View Resort

The brand name of the resort somehow reveals the most selling point in this beautiful residence. That is the stunning views overlooking the river nearby absolutely drawing the tourism’s attraction from the first sight. The resort surrounded by lust gardens brings the comfortable and peaceful feelings for customers. Furthermore, the room is spacious and well equipped; thus, most of travelers feel the intimacy and coziness in this resort and enjoy their time here.

Aye Yar River View Resort

2. Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

It is said that Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan is of a luxurious and wonderful option to stay in Bagan. Not only so impressed by the gorgeous structures and interiors, this site is of an inviting and charming palace that promises to be a fabulous break stop for tourists. Customers can try for meals at the restaurants whose menus are diverse tasty dishes. Spending some time to viewing the sunset at the roof top is certainly an amazing experience.

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

3. Bagan Airport Hotel

The envious location next to the airport creates the name of Bagan Airport Hotel. It is very convenient to reach this hotel from the airport for just around 5 minutes. Therefore, a lot of tourists choose this lovely hotel to enjoy their stay. Moreover, this is a quite site where clients can easily escape from noise and congestion of the bustling city. Through the professional and attentive staffs who are willing to get out of their ways to provide helps all the time, Bagan Airport Hotel is of course a valuable hotel that is worth to consider.

Bagan Airport Hotel

4. Amazing Bagan Resort

It is not surprising to get to know that there is a fabulous spot called Amazing Bagan Resort. The experience here is so fantastic that customers seems to unexpectedly happy and exited during their stay. The resort offers a wide range of services such a cool, fresh swimming pool, a spa centre, a great restaurant and so on and so forth. With the cover of palm trees and under the sparkling lights, the resort becomes a romantic and terrific atmosphere for travelers at night.

Amazing Bagan Resort

5. Arthawka Hotel

There is not wrong to say that Arthawka Hotel is a cozy heart of Bagan because most of travelers experiencing their time whether a few days or simply a night pose the same moods which are incredibly peaceful and hard to find in other corners of Bagan. The magnificent and magic views overlooking the great pool are surely nice and interesting. It is barely to see a customer showing dissatisfaction while spending time here.

Arthawka Hotel

6. Thande Hotel Bagan

A large amount of customers fall in love with such an immensely magic and beautiful hotel – Thande Hotel Bagan lying on a very close distance with the river. At the hotel, from most of the sites, travelers can enjoy the untouched and stunning landscapes surrounding. Its perfectly awesome location makes this place one of the most hotels hunted by numerous tourists. It is also extremely reachable for tourists to approach various temples in a breathless way.

Thande Hotel Bagan

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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