Top 7 Best Myanmar Family Holiday Destinations

12 Jun 2019 by Admin

In an urbanized and busy life, it seems to increasingly hard to spend much time with family members to do cool things together. Therefore, family holidays are often taken into serious considerations and organized in details. If you plan to choose Myanmar as an ideal tourism place to enhance your memorable and awesome memories along with your family, you are recommended to read onwards this essay which mentions the best Myanmar family holiday destinations.

1. Ngapali Beach

Unlike various crowded beaches in the world, Ngapali Beach is lovely called a paradise of peace where tourists are supposed to experience the incredible comfort which sounds to be challenging to seek for in other corners of Myanmar. It is amazingly fabulous time for your family to enjoy the untouched and exotic beauty of nature. The outdoor activities such as cycling, strolling, volleyball and so on are of wow-worthy enjoyment as well.

Ngapali Beach

2. Yangon

Well known as the former capital of Myanmar, it is worthy to drop in vibrant Yangon in your family holiday. The city is outstanding by its architectures of a lot of magnificent pagodas, especially famous Shwedagon pagoda.


Besides taking a stroll around to widen your knowledge about the city’s modern and traditional impressive features, tourists can try the Myanmar traditional clothes named Longyi for interesting experiences.

3. Bagan

There is no point to reach Myanmar without visiting Bagan, the great home of a wide range of magical and gorgeous temples and pagodas. In this legendary land, family members might find it terrific to discover Myanmar historical stories and amazing to get inside unbelievably beauteous structures and constructions.


Moreover, it is highly suggested to go for a balloon tour so as to grasp the immensely picturesque overviews of charming Bagan. The best time for this activity is at the sunset where everything seems to extremely poetic.

4. Mandalay

As widespread renounced as the last Royal City of Myanmar, the holiday trip with family is perhaps fantastic to go for Mandalay where travelers can feel as if they were stepping back to about a century ago. In this marvelous land which is the centre of Myanmar cultures and traditions, it is great to get to know a handful of interest spots concerning to Myanmar history. Main attractions that could be mentioned are Mandalay Hill, Mandalay Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery and varied breathtaking destinations.


5. Inle Lake

It is of vastly awesome to spend some days in incredibly marvelous and romantic Inle Lake. There is likelihood that tourists may fall in love with this charming lake at the very first sight. Most of cool things on Inle Lake are of unforgettable experiences.

Inle Lake

Sitting on a boat trip with unique one leg monitoring on a fresh and beautiful lake is certainly pleasant and enjoyable. Furthermore, tourists can easily gain further understanding of local lives by getting involved into float market and visit little villages.

6. Kalaw

The perfect option to getting away from state-of-art lives is to approach Kalaw where people possibly wallow in nature and explore life’s citizens in a remote area. In this place, tourists might enjoy trekking along flower-lined streets while viewing picturesque sceneries available everywhere.


The atmosphere cannot be fresher and cooler; thus, this site is surely a terrific break stop to take a rest with family. In addition, the further exploration of local daily life is of a promisingly unforgettable memory. Travelers can try to dwell for one day or more at a citizen’s house and participate in their day-to-day activities.

7. Mawlamyine

As one of the largest city in Myanmar, it is of valuable time to direct your tourism to Mawlamyine where you might get surprised by various huge things. Mawlamyine is the home of the giant Buddha statue and a very long line of statues of monk.


Additionally, people seem to love to go for local market to learn more about lively lives’ Myanmar’s citizens. Taking a boat trip is another option worth to be noted in the plan for a family holiday.

Win SeinnTawya - an 182m long reclining Buddha

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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