Top 5 Mandalay to Bagan Cruises

16 Jun 2020 by Admin

Mandalay and Bagan are two of the most well-known destinations in Myanmar due to their seemingly endless pagodas and temples and other cultural sites. Travelling between the two cities, some take the flight for convenient, some go by bus for affordability and some breeze by day boat from Mandalay to Bagan. However, not many are aware of the overnight Irrawaddy River cruises which offers one of the best experiences for all passengers who wants to discover all the best the two destinations have to offer while keeping your comfort the top priority.

Here are some of the top cruises that you should consider:

1. Sanctuary Ananda

Sanctuary Ananda, an all-suite vessel, is one of our top bestseller for their elegant opulence. The ship exudes luxury while keeping it minimal at the same time. The management of the cruise also handles some of the top safari camps in Africa so their attention to details and trainings are highly regarded and reach the international standard. Furthermore, the itineraries of Sanctuary can bring you all the classic highlights of Mandalay to Bagan cruises as well as mix with some off-beaten destinations that will asure to satisfy your expectations.

The most popular itineraries that we recommend is either the 4-night trip from Mandalay to Bagan or 3-night trip in opposite direction. One special thing is that you can combine these two itineraries into one creating a 7-night round cruise trip for the ultimate leisure. During the off-season, Sanctuary Ananda also offer exclusive itinerary that takes you to truly off-beaten sites like 11-night cruise to Bhamo or 10-night on Chindiwn River.


Sanctuary Ananda Cruise

2. Heritage Line Anawrahta

Anawrahta, though not all-suite, but the cabins on board is one of the most spacious of all Burma river cruises. The exterior reminds of you of the classic steamship from decades ago very suitable to the setting of the country.

The interiors are similar in the classic design with a tasteful blend to local influence in culture and religions. However, the contemporary convenience is still very much present in the cruise to ensure your time on cruise to be as expected and more. The staff is trained well from the team that has decades of experience organizing Mekong river cruises and Vietnam cruises. 

With Anawrahta, you can have the flexible option of crusing. With their between Bagan and Mandalay cruise, you can either choose to do 2, 3 or 4 night cruise depending how long you you want to indulge yourselves.

Heritage Line Anawrahta

3. The Strand Cruise

The Strand Cruise is the sister of The Strand Hotel – the oldest one in the country built in 1901. This is also one of our top sellers for their impeccable services and hospitable crew. After more than a century in services (with a few years in suspension due to the war), the team in The Strand knows how to make their guests at home and appreciated with warm smiles and personal touches. The cabins on board follow the classy approach and all have modern amenities and full length window for you to gaze out to the river.

The Strand Cruise offer the classic cruise between Bagan and Mandalay at a more affordable price. 


The Strand Cruise

4. Irrawaddy Voyager I

Irrawaddy Voyager I, built recently in the land of Burma, is child of the hard work from the local team in Yangon. The cruise is built with a contemporary style and the exterior is lined with white and blue like a soothing sights to the sore eyes on the river. The staff are trained by the local management team (in fact the whole cruise is) by a high standard since the country has made a tremendous step in the development of hospitality. The rooms are spacious with wide windows and equipment for your comfort. 

ThIs one of the cruises that offer a 1-night trip from Mandalay to Bagan, perfect for people who don't have much time but still want to experience the cruise experience. However they also have the 2-night trip both ways between Bagan and Mandalay for more indulgence. 

RV Irrawaddy Voyager I

5. RV Paukan 2007

In  spite of her age, RV Paukan 2007, is still one of the top choices that we give to our guests when they inquire about Myanmar river cruises. Her age is the indication of the professionalism and service that the staff bring to the table. The design of the cruise is also not as modern like some of the cruise I mention above therefore, it possesses a unique charm like the old vessel that the British use in the colonial time.

One special part is that they operate a very short cruise from Mandalay to Bagan like RV Irrawaddy Voyager I with only 1-night for all travelers who want to have the experience and utilizing most of their time in the country.

RV Paukan 2007

These are the top cruises that we have for Myanmar river cruises especially for those who are looking for a Mandalay to Bagan boat trip. The cruise experience is almost inclusive and the most worry-free travel way ever. You are able to drift on Irrawaddy River while all your need for food, refreshments, excursions and transportation are being taken care of. 

However, if you want to inquire about the unconventional itinerary in any places in Burma, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you answer all the questions you may have. You can find out more information with some of our other posts here:

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