Top 5 Things to Do in Hpa An

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Kan Thar Yar Bridge and Lake

Just 10 - 15 minutes walking from the town center, you will reach the Kan Thar Yar – a lovely calm - watered lake surrounded by dreamy mountain ranges. Take a stroll on the bridge enjoying the peaceful scenery or have a little of chit chat with the locals. You can also grab a beer and taste the local food at the some vendors here.  

The lake is even more beautiful in the early morning as you can admire the mesmerizing sunrise over the lake and the Kan Thar Yar Bridge. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture this stunning moment.

things to do in hpa an
Kan Thar Yar Bridge at sunrise

Mount Zwegabin and Its Monastery

If you are looking for a place to immerse yourself in the nature and add a little of adventure to your journey, Mount Zwegabin is definitely a great idea. Situated about 10 km from the center of Hpa An, Zwegabin mountain provides one of the best views over the stunning landscapes. To get there, you can hire a scooter in the downtown or from your accommodation at the cost of 6,000 kyat ($5US) per day. Taxi is also available at around 5,000 kyat/one way.

what to do in hpa an
Conquer Mt Zwegabin is a must - do things in Hpa An

Hiking Mt Zwegabin is a not - to - be - missed experience when visiting Hpa - an. To conquer the top of the mountain, you can choose to climb up on the eastern trail located on the 85 Road or the western trail situated behind the Lumbini Garden. Most visitors take the western trail because it is easier to climb than the one on the east and it offers an amazing view to the Lumbini Garden - home to over 1,000 Buddha statues seated in a verdant place. Many parts of the track consist of stairs but very steep. It will take about 2 or 3 hours to climb Mount Zwegabin depending on your physical condition.

hpa an things to do
The Buddha Garden - Lumbini

Once reached to the top, you can pay a visit to the monastery here and contemplate the spectacular view of the surrounding area from the height of over 700m.

things to do in hpa an 1
Stunning sunrise from the top of Zwegabin Mountain

Kyauk Kalat Pagoda

Burma owns thousands of Buddha constructions with different shapes and sizes and some are located in the most the peculiar places. Kyauk Kalat Pagoda is one of the most unique site in Hpa - an and in Myanmar in general. The stupa perches on the top of a limestone pinacle rising high from the surface of an islet. Visitors can walk through the wooden footbridge to reach the place. Climb to the top and enjoy the amazing view of green rice paddies and magnificent mountain. 

things to do in hpa an 5
Bizarre pagoda site at Hpa - An

Kawgun Cave

Located only 13km from the town center of Hpa An, Kawgun is a not - to - be - missed attraction once you travel to this peaceful town. Visiting Kawgun Cave, you will be surprised by its incredible wall sculptures with thousands of ancient carvings and inscriptions (mostly Buddha images) all over the wall and the cave’s ceiling. There are also some mysterious giant Buddha statues of various shapes and sizes, which will not disappoint any religion explorer.

things to do in hpa an 2

A trip to this unique cave offers you the chance to learn more about Burmese Buddhism, history, culture and architecture.

If you have time, you can feel free to spend about 20 minutes climbing to the top of the cave for a stunning panorama of surrounding areas.

things to do in hpa an 3

Bat Cave

Once setting foot in Hpa An, you should not miss some ridiculous feelings and experiences that the Bat Cave brings. Located 26km south of Hpa An, ride beside the river, it is recommended to visit the cave by boat during dusk, which also allows you to easily enjoy sunset over Hpa An and the peaceful atmosphere of its countryside.

Although the cave only opens at 6PM, it definitely wows you with an unbelievable spectacle as more than 30,000 bats fly away from the cave to hunt and rule their own dusk’s kingdom. It is sure not what you see often so do not forget to bring good cameras with you.

things to do in hpa an 4
Interesting view when bats return to the cave at sunset

Hpa - An Morning Market

If you want to learn about the local life, the local morning market is an ideal place for you to stroll around and got what you need. In the morning market, the people usually sell fresh vegetables, meat, fish and woven Karen fabrics which you can buy some as souvenirs. Besides, you can also take some beautiful photos about their daily life. 

Don't forget to visit the vibrant Hpa - an market

The morning market is situated in the Hpa An town center and in spite of being small, there are so many things for you to learn about their local life and cultures.

Best Time to Visit Hpa An

You should travel to Hpa An from the end of October to February next year to enjoy the lush green vegetations after the rainy season. Avoid travelling to this place during the moosoon season in July, August and September as the flooding frequently occurs.

 Although Hpa An is not as famous as other destinations in Myanmar, it still has its own uniqueness that worth being explored. If you are curious about this land and want to pay a visit to it, don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

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