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07 Jun 2019 by Admin

Myanmar is a sacred and mysterious land of Southeast Asia. It has been forgotten on the world’s tourist map for a long time. However, in recent years this country has changed spectacularly. One of the most concerned questions is how to do Myanmar money exchange.


The main currency used in Myanmar is called Kyat, but visitors can use both Kyat and USD. Most hotels, restaurants, domestic airlines, road carriers accept USD. For services like dining, shopping, you can pay in Kyat.

Kyat is the main currency in Myanmar.

In 2013, 2014, many tourism services agreed to be paid in USD, but since 2015, the Kyat currency have been devalued, and the government does not want people to use dollars.

The first experience of Myanmar money exchange is that travelers should bring cash that you intent to spend for the trip, the international payment card should be an alternative


Which kind of money should visitors bring for easy Myanmar money exchange? It is also very important. The most convenient way is to bring US dollars, but the euro and Singapore dollars are still in use and easily changed in Yangon or Mandalay, at banks or airports.

US Dollar is the most convenient currency for Myanmar money exchange.

If you change money on the streets, in jewelry stores or at the black market, the dollar is the best choice. Money in big denomination such as $ 50 or $ 100 will have better rate than money in small denomination.

Almost all checks are not common in Myanmar.


According to the book of Lonely Planet, the best place for Myanmar money exchange is not the black markets; travelers should take notice of this. The best and safest places are airports or banks. These places have a higher rate than others.

A traveller with many years of living in Yangon shared “During my Myanmar River Cruise, I often see many visitors just change a small amount of money at the airport to pay for taxi, then they change money in the black market, that's a pity "

Most famous tourist attractions in Myanmar such as Yangon, Madalay, Bagan, Inle Lake have banking system for tourists to change money in convenient way. But banks stop working at weekends, especially during the Thinyan holiday day offs can reach 1-2 weeks.

Most travel review sites advise not to change money on the streets, which brings about you unnecessary troubles. In Yangon, around the Sule Pagoda or Bogyoke market there are a lot of places for Myanmar money exchange.

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