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One of the preferred interest spots in Myanmar worth of being mentioned is Mandalay Hill named after the former capital city of Myanmar – Mandalay. If you are bearing any curiosity about this legendary land for further insights, this essay which provides a detailed look in such a beautiful tourist destination is absolutely the right site for your reference.


For people who are adventure oriented, climbing Mandalay Hill is definitely an ideal experience. As well known by the impressive height of 240 meters, travelers are supposed to take the climb on your barefoot, which is somehow a challenging challenge. However, it is really worthy to try it at least one time in your life as once you reach the top of the hill, the feelings of conquering the nature and overcoming yourself and obstacles are of amazing moments for sure.

Mandalay Hill Climb

In addition, grasping the stunning overview of the whole city as well as all temples and pagodas certainly enhances your emotions because from the top, the city and other sceneries look magnificent and untouched. The total poetic picture of charming Mandalay seems to be narrow down in your eyes. Especially, the view at the sunset is incredibly exotic and magical; thus, it is understandably why you may witness the very crowds at the hill summit at this time.



Sutaungpyi Pagoda

The pagoda and its subsidiary building are situated near to the top of Mandalay Hill. It is said that the pagoda was  built by the great founder of Bagan, King Anawratha, in 1052. This majestic pagoda was often upgrated by its investors, the Konbaung kings, in many years later. The most famous of the upgradations of Sutaungpyi Pagoda on Mandalay Hill was U Khan Dee. The noble and legendary patron spending 41 years raising funds for many architectures, including Sutaungpyi.


Lying at the base of Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw Pagoda is the place travelers barely pass whenever going to Mandalay Hill. This is a gilded pagoda; therefore, it looks like a huge bell from the outside. The pagoda is impressed by the long rows of 729 white shrines, each contains an inscribed marble slabs. The pagoda is also renounced as the world’s largest book of magical historic stories.

Kuthodaw Pagoda


Thanks to its envious location at the foot of Mandalay Hill, Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel is one of the famous hotels in Mandalay. Most of tourists have a special impression on its attractive architectures and state-of-art interiors. Each room is designed to offer customers the beautiful view through the garden. Customers are able to relax with entertaining activities such as swimming at a outside, cool pool, playing tennis.

Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

Furthermore, it is very accessible from Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel to main attractions in a few minutes by car or simply on foot. The time staying in this residence is a promisingly enjoyable experience for travelers as coming to Mandalay Hill.


Situated not far away from Mandalay Hill, Zegyo Market is where local lifestyles are showed in a clearest way. In this vibrant market, tourists can walk around a wide range of stalls in terms of fruits, clothes, jewelries and so on for the sake of getting further understanding of local daily activities. This kind of market is popular in Asia area and sounds to express Myanmar cultures lively. Getting involved in such an interesting market and trying to bargain something might be a pleasant experience which is different from supermarket transactions.

Zegyo Market


If you love eye-catching jades, Jade Market could be your place of interest. It takes under 10 km to get into Jade Market where you have a rare opportunity to observe and get to know the process of producing gorgeous jades from raw stones by local people. On the witness of full procedure of making jade, it is not surprising to learn how a jade is made through seemingly complicated series.

Jade Market

In this market, young men primarily cover all the things to get a jade finished while women often act as sellers. It is easy for you to get fascinated into this amazingly activities for a half of a day. Jade Market is also a proper place to seek for lovely souvenirs from nice jades.

Hope these suggestions above will help you in deciding what to see and do in Mandalay Hill. Our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises will be willing to support you to have the best trip ever.

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