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Longyi is definitely one of the things to buy in Myanmar. Well known as Myanmar’s traditional clothing, tourists can notice such a special  cylinder-shaped fabric worn by both genders in every place such as on the streets, at public areas, at home even at work. Females look stunningly elegant and charming in Longyis called ‘Paso’ whilst males appear incredibly noticeable and attractive as putting on Longyis under the name of ‘Htamein’ in most of foreigners’ eyes.

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A longyi shop in at a market in Yangon

Accordingly, travelers might take it for delight and amusement as its overwhelming impression and sound unfamiliarity. It is commonplace that numerous visitors wish to try on such a fabulously amazing fabric at least once on their tourism to Myanmar. People seem loveably shamefaced at the very first time but promptly interested in this wear as getting accustomed with it. Especially, couples in love certainly take such a golden opportunity to clothe Longyis hand in hand when taking a stroll on Myanmar’s streets in surrounding people’s admiring eyes.

Longyi is common for both men & women in Myanmar

It is easy to look for Longyis as a tremendously rewarding souvenir for family or friends in a wide range of shopping malls or little stores. Interestingly, Longyis can be customized in the customer’s preference. Therefore, besides various available Longis designs, customers also are encouraged to own their own unique Longis. In terms of price, it varies and depends on the quality of materials, the sophistication of design and the required completion time as well. However, buyers can normally possess a ready Longis cloth at $ 3 on average.


As an absolutely peculiar art form in Myanmar’s culture, sand paintings are one of frequently sought-after articles by visitors. It is said that sand paintings are originated from a terrible earthquake happened in 1975. On witnessing the chaos along with collapsing temples and pagodas, with the enormous regret, locals put a huge effort to maintain leftover unaffordable and invaluable murals’ values by mimicking mural paintings at that time. On resent days, producing sand painting becomes a handful of locals’ living method.

A good sand painting must be created sophisticatedly

The name itself discloses one of the primary materials in need to produce a sand painting, which is sand for sure. Other than sand, glue, cloths, paint, stylus and others are required to make a sand painting. It averagely takes several days for a sand painting accomplished.

and by local artists

The procedure of created an exceedingly marvelous and stunning work of art is also thanks to a great contribution of artists’ skillfulness, creativeness and patience as well. People perhaps fleetingly keep their eyes nonstop starring at superiorly eye-catching sand painting and likely get into utter astonishment once grasping insights of the back story of fully making process.


Appearing such a long time ago, tapestries are countrywide regarded as one of Myanmar’s cultural symbol. Travelers handily catch up extremely gorgeous and fabulous tapestries in various Myanmar’s stores. Tapestries are completely made by extremely skilled and talented handicraftsmen, mainly women.

The whole process of finishing tapestries is definitely a convergence of a great number of factors namely the set of materials including cloths, threads, glasses, pearls, gems and the like, the enormous dedication of different really gifted, artful, patient artists and so on.

Like sandpainting, tapestry in Myanmar takes a long time to complete

Producing tapestries becomes the popular career pursued by numerous women in Myanmar. With the development of modern living pace, from traditional tapestries, a large range of novelties such as handbags, purses or blanket covers emerge and quickly gain visitors’ favor.


It is cannot be ignored when you go shopping in Myanmar especially in Bagan. Lacquerware is popular purchase which can bee made into different forms such as cups, bowls or vases with various prices. 

The sophisticated lacquerwares in Myanmar 

When you purchase it, remember to take notice of its quality because the item you buy might be a fake one. The authentic lacquerware is made and engraved with natural color of flowers, sand and stones.


When mentioning to gemstones, you must think they are some precious things that are too expensive to buy but when you going shiopping in Myanmar, you will be surprised because gemstones like ruby or jade has low price in this country. It can be explained because Myanmar is the country which has great miner of precious stones. 

Gemstones are sold with low price in Myanmar

For example, you can find the nicest and finest rubies in Yangon where has many popular shops selling genuine gemstones. However, be aware of fake stones sold by some street vendors.


If you do not know what to buy in Burma, let's consider gold leaf. You can notice that they are used to cover Buddha images or stupas in Myanmar. They are really common in this golden land and you can easily buy it in many lacquerware shops.


Gold leaf are commonly sold in many lacquerware shops

If you have time to visit Mandalay, remember to stop by lacquerware shops to observe or buy some producions of gold leaf. Authentic gold leaves are usually packaged in sets of 5 to 10 leaves. 


  • You do not permitted to take the real old Buddha statues and archaeological artifacts out of the country.
  • Bear in mind that Myanmar's government does not control trade standard so you should check quality of the goods you purchase carefully.
  • The transaction is established when you and the seller agree with the price. 
  • Nyaung U Market in Bagan is a busy center for tourists to buy things with wide range of goods from daily fresh ones to custom longyi. It is a perfect place to learn aboutthe local life.
  • Inle Lake has the floating village selling souvenirs that has Myanmar's feature.
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon is the place where shopping can be a interesting thing to do. A good deal can be set here. 
  • When passing the customs, you need to show official certificate of the jewel you buy.
  • Let's take a look shops inside the hotels because they may store interesting articles.
  • Most of Myanmar markets are opened on Sundays and closed on Mondays and full moon days.  
  • If you do not know what to buy or where to buy in Myanmar yet, do not hesitate to ask your private tour guide to listen to his recommendations.

Hope our above suggestions will help you easily enjoy an interesting shopping experience in Myanmar. You can also contact our Luxury Myanmar River Cruise for further information or booking a tour.

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