9 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

lorified as the country of the ancientness, Myanmar attracts tourist thanks to not only the primitive destinations but also the nice people. Just take time finding out some reason why travel to Myanmar should be listed in your next travel plan.

Why Myanmar Should Be Your Next Trip

1. A wonderful land for those who love travelling

What most tourists enjoy when traveling to Myanmar is to admire the beauty of the ancient temples, quiet streets and peaceful atmosphere. Although in recent years, Myanmar has begun to welcome tourists all over the world, this country still does not strongly focus on tourism. Therefore, visitors will feel like they are the first ones to explore a mysterious place which is full of interesting things. Besides, Myanmar Tourism is also praised in some famous travel magazines which voted the country to be the most ideal place for backpackers.

2. Watching the unique Sunrise and sunset

If you come to Myanmar, the most famous place to watch the sunset is Ubein Bridge. From there, you can see a picturesque ancient village. The bridge is considered the longest teak bridge in the world.  You will not want to miss the most brilliant sunset on the world here. Moreover, Bagan is an ideal for you to welcome the first rays of the sunrise during the day.

3. Discovering the land of more than 2,000 temples

With the huge number of massive Buddhist temples, built by many Pagan kings over the centuries, it is obvious that Bagan is one of the great archaeological sites on Earth. With about 2,220 Buddhist temples left until today, you can be free to explore all of them. The temples are located close to each other, so you can choose many different means of transport to visit them such as walking, cycling, buses, tuk tuk cars or even balloons.

4. Feeling the local beauty

Coming to Myanmar, you will never forget the beauty care using natural ingredients called Thanaka. Thanaka smells sweet. People use it to cool the skin and protect it from the sun. Normally, they add a small amount of water into the flour, and then draw it into your face. Here, you will find it interesting to look at the girls with the pictures of rabbits or animals on their cheeks.

5. Inle Lake

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake is well-known for fishermen with unique fishing methods. They sail boats with one leg only. Although in recent years, tourism in the region is very developed, it still retains the natural beauty. Visiting Inle Lake, you will experience the great feeling in floating houses. Undeniably, it is a perfect place for you to immerse in the magical beauty of nature.

6. Beautiful beaches

Myanmar has a coastline that stretches more than 2,000 km. Therefore, beaches here remain the stunning untouched beauty. If you are having a Myanmar travel, nothing is more interesting than relaxing at many charming beaches in Bengal Bay, especially Ngapali beach which is just a 45 minute driving from Yangon.

7. A wonderful cuisine

Although Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced by India, China, Thailand and the culture of many ethnic minorities, the dishes here still have different attractive features. Myanmar dishes are not only delicious, but also sophisticated in the way of cooking. Especially, they are very cheap. If you have an opportunity to come to Yangon and Bagan, you should take advantage of the opportunity by enjoying the unique street food such as tea and flat bread, Nangyi Thoke, Samosa salad, Shan pasta, grilled barbecue and delicious curry.

8. Being surprised by the beauty of Mandalay

It is located not far from Bagan. It only takes you about 30 minutes by plane, and you will come to Mandalay. This is a city of chaos, smokes and dusts everywhere. However, when you leave the bustling city to visit the variety of spectacular architecture sites here, you will really understand the beauty of this land which has been viewed as the country's ancient capital of Myanmar.

9. Buddhist pilgrims and the fresh air

Going to the top of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda which is also famous for the Golden Rock, you will have a chance to enjoy the stunning views from the top of the mountain. The Golden Rock is famous for the unsteadiness and its golden surface. Legend has it that although the rock is connected a little with the surface of the mountain, it still cannot fall down because the hair of the Buddha holds it. Moreover, Buddhists from all over world come here to pay and meditate. They also can overlook the beautiful valley below. A small note is that you should wear clothes covering your shoulders and knees to fit the solemnity here. Additionally, keeping the body warm is very important because the weather here is quite cold.

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