Yangon Circular Train – A Journey Into Local Walks Of Life

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If you really want to learn about the life of local people in Yangon, then forget about the costly taxis with air-conditioners and the urban roads in chaotic traffic. A ride with friendly locals on Yangon Circular Train lets you know the true elements of Yangon daily life and offers a chance to experience the daily routine of Myanmar people, away from the hustle of the city center.

A Train Around Yangon



The construction of the Yangon Circular Train dates back to the late British colonial era in 1954. The trains run around the city on a circular railway track of 45.9 kilometers and make brief stops at 39 stations. Every day the trains run on two directions, both clockwise (right) and counter-clockwise (left), along the circular railway. It often takes three hours to finish a journey around all corner of Yangon.

Infomation on tickets is filled by hand

For every 45 to 60 minutes, there will be a train depart from Yangon Railway Station. The trains come back to Yangon Railway Station before running on the same journey over and over throughout the day for 20 times (with the revenue of 100,000 to 150,000 kyat per day). The price for a one-stop ticket is about 100 - 200 Kyat and the price for a multi-stop ticket is 500- 800 Kyat. There are trains with air-conditioners, but I would recommend you traveling on non-air-conditioner ones to avoid being packed with other tourists and to fully experience the essence of local life.

A Train Which Has Been Used Since British Colonial Era

Despite the fact that Yangon used to be the capital of Myanmar (formerly known under the name of Rangoon) and is now still a center of commerce of the country, the central station of Yangon Circular Train is still in its primitive state. The train is nowhere near to be considered high-tech transportation. Yangon’s railway tracks and most of the infrastructure here badly need repair. Actually, since British Colonial Era, very few parts of the infrastructure here are maintained and repaired. There is little or no upgrades. So, when stepping on the Yangon Circular Train, you should get ready for a bumpy and slow ride.


Locals Bring Their Products To The Markets

If you patient enough to take a 3-hour journey on Yangon Circular Train, you will have the chance to observe the colorful daily life of people in Yangon via the most honest spectacles. You will see families getting on and off, white-collars coming to their workplaces, women bringing goods to market for sale, merchant loading goods at one station and unloading them at another. Many aspects of local life are reflected vividly at the most trustful way, creating an insightful understanding for tourists about how life goes on in Yangon.

Sights you will see during the journey on Yangon Circular Train

Rural Landscape At The Suburb Of Yangon

When the train goes farther from the center of Yangon, you will encounter more natural and rustic landscape. You will see local farmers plowing their fields, harvesting water hyacinths or fishing in local ponds. The scenery changes gradually from city concrete buildings to corrugated iron roofed slums to standalone, palm-thatched huts in lush green, empty fields. 

A Market On Train Platform

During the journey, you can encounter many markets, both official and temporary, on the train platforms. When the train stops at a station for some minute, you can quickly hop off the train to visit the markets and grasp some street foods and local specialties before the train leaves. I would recommend you visiting Danyingon Vegetable Market (stop: Danyingon) and the Hletan Market (stop Hletan). In Hletan Market, there are numerous food vendors and the “50th Street” behind the market is packed with students in the evening because this market locates near the University of Yangon.


Where to get on and off the circular train in Yangon

You can start and end your journey at the Yangon Central Railway Station because it is the biggest train station in the Yangon circular train route and tourists also can get help from people here.

However, if you want to discover some other attractions in Yangon, here are some best Yangon circular train best stations for you to get on or get off:

  • Myittar Nyunt Railway Station –  to visit Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda and Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda
  • Yaegu Railway Station – to visit Kabar Aye Pagoda
  • Tadalay Station – to visit Tooth Relic Pagoda

Timetable and map

The train is often busy all day so this timetable is not always accurate and the train can be late:

  • 6.10 AM (RIGHT/LEFT)
  • 8.20 AM (RIGHT)
  • 8.35 AM (LEFT)
  • 9.30 AM (RIGHT)
  • 10.10 AM (RIGHT)
  • 10.45 AM (LEFT)
  • 11.30 AM (RIGHT)
  • 11.50 AM (RIGHT)
  • 12.25 PM (LEFT)
  • 1.05 PM (RIGHT)
  • 1.40 PM (LEFT)
  • 2.25PM (RIGHT)
  • 3.30PM (RIGHT)
  • 4.40PM (LEFT)
  • 5.10PM (RIGHT)

Here is the map showing the itinerary of Yangon circular train is colored in red:

Yangon circular train map


The price for a ticket is 200 Kyats ($0.13) per person. After paying, you will receive the ticket and remember not to throw it away.

Yangon circular train ticket

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