Myanmar Cruise Suggestions


Paukan Cruises

Paukan is one of the most well - known river cruise companies in Myanmar which provides 3 packages of short discovering tours (1 & 2 nights) with the itineraries from the last royal capital of Mandalay to the ancient city of Bagan and vice versa.

One of the Paukan ships - Irrawaddy Explorer (Paukan 2014)

The vessels offer interesting inland excursions for tourists to have a closer look at the local life and also to discover the impressive Buddhist constructions like visiting the Mingun pagoda complex, Sagaing hill or the pot – making village on the bank of the river – Yandabo.

The magnificent Myatheindan stupa in Mingun is a stop in the short sailing itinereries

In addition, passengers will have a chance to enjoy the lavish life onboard with modern comforts and conveniences which guarantee to bring the utmost relaxation with the best service. There are also many entertainments and activities held on deck in order to create timeless memories when cruising with the ships.

A well - equipped cabin with the riverview in the Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise

Pandaw Cruises

Tourists who look for a completely different experience to Myanmar but don’t have much time may like the short sailing options of the Pandaw cruises. Proud to be have a long and great history for plying on the mighty river of the golden land, Pandaw company offers the 1 and 2 night voyages from the royal citadel of Mandalay to the temples plain of Bagan and the other way round.

Katha Pandaw - a ship of Pandaw

The ships will stop along the way to explore some cultural sites such as visiting the town by the river bank Pakkoku or the vibrant traditional pottery village of Yandabo and the school built by the donations of the Pandaw passengers.

A visit to the pot - making Yandabo village is included in the itineraries of the Pandaw's short sailing tours

Moreover, the ships themselves are the highlights of the trip. They are all finished in teak and brass with spacious cabins featured by the modern amenities and facilities which help tourists to relax and have a great time onboard.

Every suite in Pandaw contains a modern bathroom

Sanctuary Ananda

Sanctuary Ananda was built by burmese craftmen using traditional materials includes local fabrics, wood and lacquerware adorn each suite which makes the ship elegant and luxury. It offers four decks with 21 spacious and luxurious cabins with balconies on each cabin giving guests magnificent views of the river and surrounding scenery. The vessel also offers two high-class restaurants, spa, gym, library, panorama lounge and swimming pool. On the Sanctuary Ananda ship, travelers can enjoy all facilities and relax with family.

The beautiful Sanctuary Ananda

Besides, the Sanctuary Ananda ship also have many other significant conveniences and delicious culinary which are included both local and Western dishes. Meals will be prepared and served by skillful chefs and professional crew. All these convernient facilities will  help tourists have unforgettable experience in their Myanmar river cruise.

Sanctuary Ananda offers high-class restaurant

Sanctuary Ananda cruise also designed an wonderful itinerary which are full of interesting activities for tourists. The ship will take tourists to a  charming places and discover the majestic Irrawaddy River of Myanmar. During the journey, travellers can enjoy the picturesque landscape in a luxuriant area of Myanmar and explore many gorgeous temples, pagodas, majestic palaces, and ancient monasteries. Furthermore, when taking a cruise on Chindwin with Sanctuary Ananda, the great tributary of the Irrawaddy River, tourists will have a chance to sail cross the mysterious jungles, explore some local villages and reach the Burmese – Indian border.

The Strand Cruise

The Strand Cruise is a beautiful vessel which was launched in2014 in Yangon named and designed after its sister, the famous Strand Hotel in Yangon. 

The lavish Strand Cruise


The ship features 4 decks with 27 luxurious cabins including 10 Deluxe Cabins, 13 Strand Cabins, 2 State Suites and 2 Strand Suites. All cabins features twin or double beds, private bathrooms and special Juliet balconies. On the Strand Cruise, passengers will be served with many moderm facilities such as swimming pool, lounge bar, sun deck, library, gym center, salon, massage room, butler service, wellness center, and reflexology station.

An outdoor swimming pool of Strand Cruise

Besides, meals are prepared by well-known chefs with a menu of Burmese cuisine and European dishes. You will have a chance to enjoy many excellent drinks such as imported and local wine, local beer, juice, coffee, and tea. In addition, tourists can also enjoy some entertaining activities onboard like cultural performances. All these wonderful conveniences will be served by professional and friendly crew.

» If you are planning your trip to the mysterious land of Burma, Luxury Myanmar River Cruises will be the best options


As a great tributary of the mighty Irrawaddy river, the beautiful Chindwin runs through the magnificent landscapes of Burma’s remote areas. The expedition on Chindwin river will take you to the hidden villages, ancient towns and many more untouched and pristine places in the further north of Burma. Yet, due to the low water level with many shallows and sandbars, the ships can hardly navigate in this river but only in the rainy season in late July and August. That was in the past. Now, some ships are specially built to overcome this disadvantage. Luxury Myanmar River Cruises proudly presents the 4 best ships which are designed for sailing on Chindwin River.

Masein - one of the most wonderful highlights on Chindwin river bank

Anawrahta Cruise

This luxurious ship was built with the shallow draft of only 90cm which is suitable for cruising through the low water level of Chindwin. Moreover, with the powerful engine, the vessel easily sails into the inaccessible areas of many large ships without any difficulties. Tourists join in the voyage with us will experience the unique expeditions into the mysterious remote regions of Myanmar and also the lavish life onboard with spacious cabins, modern facilites and many more interesting activities.

Anawrahta Cruise

Sanctuary Ananda

This floating palace was designed with the shallow draft so it can be easily navigated through the low water level of Chindwin river. The ship has 3 decks with 21 well – equipped cabins providing the most comfortable and convenient for the passengers. Sanctuary Ananda offers the fascinating itineraries to the unspoiled northernmost areas of Burma with breath taking Buddhist constructions, secret towns and endless amazing riverscapes.

Sanctuary Ananda gently cruises along the Chinwind river


Kha Byoo Pandaw 

This luxury ship is specially designed with the ultra - shallow draft for cruising on the Chindwin river. The draft is only 79cm (2.6 feet) which is always ready to sail up into the remote areas of Burma in both high and low water season. The cruise has 10 cabins finished in brass and teak with basic conveniences which guarantees to bring the great relaxation for the passengers. The unique design of small but powerful Kha byoo pandaw can navigate even in the shallowest water of Chindwin taking the passengers to the true Myanmar adventures with a real insight into rural local life.

Kha Byoo Pandaw navigates through the magnificent landscapes of Chindwin

Paukan 2012

The shallow draft of 76cm (2.5ft) of the Paukan 2012 allows it to access the low level water of Chindwin river. Containing 18 elegant designed cabins with private bathroom, the ship gently sail up into the hard – to – reach areas of the Burma’s far north. Passengers will have a chance to admire the pristine landscapes with the outstanding mountain ranges and greenery forest as well as a closer look at the authentic local life.

Paukan 2012

Above are our suggestions for you if you have a plan to take a cruise in Myanmar. Wish you to have unforgettable journey with our Luxury Myanmar River Cruise.


Visiting the “golden land” - Burma by boat is truly a fascinating experience to the mysterious Southeast Asia. As they always say “ the more, the merrier’, the voyage cannot be completed without your closest and dearest ones. Luxury Myanmar River Cruises proudly present the 5 best cruises for large group.

Belmond Road To Mandalay

The 4 desk German – built ship - Belmond road to Mandalay is an ideal place for group travel. The cruise has the length of 101 meters containing 43 spacious staterooms and other lavish comforts such as swimming pool, wellness & spa areas, bar and restaurant. There are 1 Governor’s Suite, 18 State Cabins, 16 Deluxe Cabins, 4 Superior Cabins and 4 Single Cabins which can accommodate 82 passengers. All the staterooms are equipped with modern facilities like private bathrooms, flat – screen TV, air conditioning, etc.

The 4 deck luxurious Belmond road to Mandalay

Being one of our passengers, you and your companions can not only have the exciting excursions to Burma’s highlights but also numerous timeless memories onboard. Furthermore, we offer some exclusive rates such as a special night with dinner and traditional show at the Karaweik Hall or free airport pick up if the group books 10 cabins in minimum or more.

Dining at Karaweik Palace

Indochina Pandaw

In spite of the moderate size, Indochina Pandaw has a commodious sundeck and 2 passenger desks with 30 spacious staterooms. This vessel is absolutely suitable for big group travelling like extended family or class reunion. Taking a voyage with this beautiful colonial design ship, you and your companions will have plenty space for living and relaxing. All the cabins have en - suite bathroom, and contain the most essential facilities for your convenience and comfort.

We are pleased to offer the special rates and discount for big group booked at least 10 cabins or a free of charge cabin for tour leader on the main deck.

The Indochina Pandaw cruise

Spacious sun deck

Paukan 2014

Irrawaddy Explorer or Paukan 2014 is another lavish ship of the Paukan cruises which is an ideal place for group travel. Containing 28 deluxe outside cabins providing the spectacular view over the mighty Ayeyawady river and its magnificent heritages. Each stateroom is featured with a private bathroom accompanied with a number of modern amenities. What is more, 56 passengers will have a great time onboard with high - class conveniences with excellent services as well as the excursion inland.

For the big group that books minimum 8 cabins and above will receive the special rates. There will be a 50% discount for 1 person sharing the twin compartment with 1 full – paying partner or a complimentary cabin for the tour guide on the lower deck.

Well - equipped cabin on Paukan 2014

Commodious restaurant

Orient Pandaw

With 28 cabins of the French design, the elegant Orient Pandaw is the perfect place for group travelling. Built in Vietnam in 2008, the ship has the intimate size but adequate. It was plan to be an escape from the bustling city life, therefore, no TV, telephone or wifi source are set in the cabins. You and your loved ones will completely immense in the tranquility and magnificence of the “golden land”. The Orient Pandaw is still equipped with modern gym and bar, boutique shops and entertainment sector for passengers to enjoy and experience the luxurious services.

We offer the exclusive rates for big group with at least 8 cabins booked. There will be a great discounted deal or a bonus special night on the incredible Karaweik Hall.

Simple but adequate stateroom on Orient Pandaw cruise

The Strand Cruise

This luxurious floating hotel can carry 54 passengers with 27 high – class staterooms and numerous modern comforts like spa & wellness area or swimming pool located in 4 decks. There are 2 state suites, 2 strand suites,13 Strand cabins and 10 Deluxe Cabins, all are featured with private bathroom, twin or double beds and special French - style balconies.

Beside the conveniences that the ship offers you, we also provide special rates for the group with at least 10 cabins booked.

Deluxe cabin on The Strand cruise

 Spacious outside lounge

If you have plan to travel to Myanmar, taking a cruise is the perfect idea for you to explore this golden land. You will definitely have unforgettable experiences in your life. 


Your family has a holiday together and decides to choose a good cruise for a memorable trip? Here we are happy to suggest you some best cruise for famiy with kids and hopefully you will find the best choice from our suggestion.


The cruises of Pandaw are suitable for families with infants. Together with Paukan in Myanmar, Pandaw currently is also a Myanmar river cruise line that welcome infants on their ships. Some recommended ships are RV Kalaw Pandaw, RV Orient Pandaw and My Andaman Explorer which are all equipped with modern amenities.

Cabins of all Pandaw ships are not large enough for arranging extra bed, but for family on cruises of Pandaw, children under 4 years old can stay in the same room with parents. Family with 4-year-old kids or over 4 years must stay in 2 cabins: 1 single cabin for 1 adult and 1 cabin for 1 adult with kid. The children staying in their parents’ cabin are charged 50% of adult price.


Irrawaddy Explorer or RV Paukan 2014 is the best ship of Paukan Cruise Line and flexible to arrange extra bed for children under 12 years old. For 12-year-old children and over, they are charged at adult price.

Children under 2 years old on cruises of Paukan are free charged and can stay together in parents’ cabin.


Unlike Pandaw and Paukan, The Strand Cruise welcomes children at least 6 years old. Children from 6 – 12 years old can stay in parents’ cabin and are charged 50% of adult price. Children over 12 years will have to stay in their own cabin and charged at adult price.

Currently, The Strand Cruise is highly recommended for family thanks to the high-quality features and the smart policy to avoid noise from infants of other groups.


Sanctuary Ananda Cruise is applied with the same policy like The Strand Cruise: only welcome children from 6 years old and children over 12 years are charged at adult price. This cruise ship offers 2 staterooms suitable for family: Luxury Suite and Owner Suite.

Luxury Suite: The sofa could be arranged to be turned into extra bed for children from 6 -12 years old. Maximum members allowed in this stateroom are 2 adults with 1 kid or 2 kids with 1 adult and the third person will be charged 75% at adult price.

Owner Suite: This stateroom is allowed maximum 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 children. Children are charged 50% at adult price.

In case your family has many members and doesn’t fit any above condition, you can consider the options of staying in connecting Deluxe Staterooms.

Anawrahta Cruise 

Anawrahta Cruise which was built in 2015 is also the ideal ship for family with kids. This cruise has reasonable policies for children coming along with their parents.

Only welcome children from 5 years old and children above 12 years old are charged with adult price.

Besides, a child between 5 from 12 years old can share bed with their parents per cabin and children whose age from 5 to 12 years old also has special rate applies.


Taking a cruise in Myanmar is one of the most interesting travelling experience which you cannot miss. If you need further information about cruising, don't hesitate to contact with our Luxury Myanmar River Cruise.

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