Best 5 Star Hotels & Resorts in Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

Reaching an enormously spectacular Asia country like Myanmar for tourism is perhaps a wise choice for sure. For travelers who wish to enhance their travelling to the extreme extent of satisfaction, the stay period during their time in Myanmar is absolutely of great concern. The following is the best 5 star hotels in Myanmar, which is strongly suggested by the majority of visitors in Myanmar.

1. Sanctum Inle Resort

The brand name of the resort itself might refer customers to the immensely stunning freshwater lake named Inle Lake. Situated on the right edge of Inle Lake, Sanctum Inle Resort is definitely a perfect option for people who fall in love with such an untouched and exotic lake, Inle Lake or simply seek for the quietness, peace at their bottom of their heart and soul as staying nearby this amazingly lovely lake.

Sanctum Inle Resort Inner Courtyard at night

Thanks to its fortunately fantastic location, Sanctum Inle Resort offers customers with a wide range of various beautiful views of the lake. Looking Inle Lake through the windows or from the balconies is of enjoyable moments.

Furthermore, the tourists are certainly satisfied with provided spacious and gorgeous rooms which are equipped with modern, advance, well-designed inferiors. The resort is of Western-style design and regarded as being on the par with leading international resorts.

An intimate room at Sanctum Inle Resort

Adding to the interestingly beauteous pool with great views of the sun and the available provision of bicycles for surrounding travelling, Sanctum Inle Resort is a pleasant place with extremely friendly-budget dishes despite its high level.

2. Belmond Governor’s Residence

Located in one of the most bustle cities in Myanmar as Yangon, Belmond Governor’s Residence is seen as an amazingly unique place to drop in during tourism time in Myanmar. Getting special and noticeable for its design, customers possibly feel as if they were coming back to ancient period among a busy and modern city. With a huge and marvelous pool a fabulous garden and an advance spa; this nice place could be a fantastic residence for travelers in Myanmar.

A palace in modern time

A worth-to-notice point is that Belmond Governor’s Residence poses a perfect restaurant where a wide array of numerous dishes including international and local foods and drinks is of great availability. As a result, customers can satisfy their demands for discovering as well as gaining further insights of a handful of kinds of delicious cuisines coming from all over the world in solely a restaurant. It is extremely hard to get negative feedbacks in terms of foods in this wonderful food paradise.

Moreover, travelers are surely impressed by the wow-worthy services in Belmond Governor’s Residence. All the staffs in this place are vastly friendly, open, attentive to individual needs and greatly supportive all the time. They are always present with sparkling smiles, which induces you to smile back to them immediately as a proper and polite response.

3. The Strand

Well known as one of the rewarding hotels in Myanmar in general and in Yangon in specific, The Strand is, of course, a deserve-to-stay residence for tourists in Myanmar. With speculated and stylish design, The Strand seems to look gorgeous and miraculous paradise.

Fabulous swimming pool in The Strand

For those who come to a bar on a frequent basis, the Strand is one hundred percent worth to go for thanks to its unexceptionally awesome bar. Besides the terrific tastes of foods and beverages here plus the great atmosphere of pleasance and comfort, the bar is undoubtedly a surprisingly wonderful place for having nice conversations with varied people coming from different walks of life. By this way, attaining further understandings about other countries, opening the circle of relationship or simply practicing foreign languages are of valuable experience.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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