6 Best Destinations for Honeymoon in Myanmar

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

When it comes to honeymoon, one of the very first sweet stage of marriage life, it is common sense that newlyweds always hunt for superiorly ideal destinations scaling up their privacy, romance and wow - fantastic moments on an unforgettable, once-in-life occasion.

For those pursuing exceedingly mysterious, peaceful, smooth experiences to wallow in incredibly stunning, untouched sceneries or indulging in coolly adventurous, action - filled exploration with their sweetheart, Myanmar travelling is possibly of an absolutely rewarding option. If you have a plan to enjoy your honeymoon in Myanmar, here are our suggestions for you


Along with beloved spouse in a balloon at sunrise to grasp the extremely enchanting, marvelous landscapes in Bagan and make the most of so fresh atmosphere at a high distance definitely promises really awesome, heartwarming moments of attachment and affection.

Moreover, couple cycling rides around on lovely charming, picturesque paths here absolutely prepare them with further connections and strengthened love as well as satisfy their slight adventure embracement. So it is an ideal place for those who want to celebrate their honeymoon in Burma.

honeymoon in myanmar
Love is actually in the air with the hot air balloon ride in Bagan

Inle Lake

It can be amazingly fabulous to sit in lover’s warm arms on a little boat floating gently down the lake so as to get sunk in ordinary, simple but greatly poetic, peaceful scenes. Under the glow of the beautiful sunset and above the sparking, clear water of the lake, honeymooners encouragingly find themselves in extreme happiness and endless love for sure. Inherent love sometimes simply waits for a proper point in time to trigger enormously burning flame of love from heartbeat-sharing couples.

myanmar honeymoon ideas
Romantic sunset in Inle Lake


There is seemingly no doubt that newlyweds are favorably willing to seek for unfamiliar and cool experience as an easily understandable way to cultivate their relationship and long-term, beautiful, affectionate memories as well.

Therefore, together taking a horse ride on the exotic paths with vastly nice rows of green grass sounds utterly romantic and worthy to try at least once in an exceptionally glorious oasis in Ava - an ancient capital near Mandalay.

In addition, watching sunrise and sunset in the stunning U bein Bridge is also perfect activity for newlyweds who want to enjoy honeymoon in Burma. You can also take a boat on the lake at dusk, contemplate the gorgeous scenery and take bautiful scenic photos with your partner. 

honeymoon in myanmar
Horse cart ride in Ava

Ngapali Beach

Widespread renounced as one of the most magnificent and unspoiled beaches in Myanmar, Ngapali beach of course brings honeymooners the delight, excitement and happiness thanks to its enviously enchant beauty.

Lounging on the beach under the green palm trees with cool breezes, jointly building lovely sand castles like cute children on silver, smooth sands, hand in hand strolling and viewing the sun slowly going below the horizon or doing whatsoever crazy stuff are of utmost enjoyment and comfort.

myanmar honeymoon
A wonderful beach holiday in Myanmar for your honeymoon? Why not!

In addition, the feeling of being pampered by lovers as having an excellent dinner with delicious an array of varied kinds of seafood and cups of champagne under the twinkling lights at a table right on the beach or at a candlelit, stylish restaurant front the beach is surely boosted intensely.


Classically beautiful as a delightful maze for the modern tourist, the Myanmar excursion is promisingly great in contributing to a perfect honeymoon in Myanmar. The unique architectures perhaps allure them as going for a walk around the streets and perceiving as if staying in an undoubtedly ancient, marvelous palace.

Trying on traditional Myanmar’s clothes namely Longyi along with enjoying themselves with various kinds of favorable cuisine on elegant, intimate restaurants here in such a bustle city like Yangon are of comparatively amazing interest and fantasy.

honeymoon in burma
Watching sunrise at the shimmering Shwedagon Pagoda together is a great idea for your honeymoon in Yangon


For those who are nature-oriented, exposing closer to the immensely exotic natural charm of the forest in Kalaw, taking a short, irregular trip around to discover untouched, nice features of the breathtaking forest Nature Mother giving special privilege for this place as well as playing with elephants free to roam and supportive in native citizens’ lives could be considered poetic, fantastic materials adding to their marriage start.

honeymoon in myanmar 1
The beautiful nature of Kalaw

Furthermore, it is a crazily brilliant idea to overnight stay in a little camp in the forest, which likely passes certainly memorable, adventurous even heart - stopping moments of complete privacy and utter amazement for newlyweds.

Hope these suggestions are useful to you and wish you to the swetest and happiest honeymoon in Myanmar. Ifmyou need more information, our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises is willing to help you to have perfect trip.

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