Best Restaurants in Ngapali Beach

10 Jun 2019 by Admin

As widespread known not only as one of the most enormously stunning and picturesque beaches in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is outstanding by numerous rewarding restaurants. The following is recommended best restaurants in beautiful Ngapali Beach tourists are supposed to visit at least once since coming here.

1. Sea Queen

The brand name of the restaurant itself somehow reflects its quality and trust in customer’s eyes to some extent at the first sight. It could be said that the qualities including food, services and hospitality are excellently favorable by people who have dined here. The very first noticeable feature is that a wide array of diversified dishes in the menu perhaps provides the customers with a variety of options to make sure they can attain the best satisfaction and perfect appetite. Seafood is served in an extremely fresh and clean way all the time even though people come here for their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sea Queen Restaurant

In addition, visitors certainly gain the high satisfaction and nice surprise thanks to vastly great services. To be more specific, it is hardly for customers to be obliged to wait long for their meal.  The hostess as well as waiters or waitresses are ready with a sparkling smile, which, for sure, brings the customers the feelings of warm hospitality.

Especially, visitors are surprised amazingly by a little cute gift at the end of the meal. The gift could be a bunch of banana or a lovely bracelet. Even thought they are simply of low cost, they definitely imply a lot of intrinsic care with love along with priceless values towards customers.

2. Ngapali Kitchen

For those hunting for romantic meal time along with immensely unspoiled and glorious views from Ngapali beach, Ngapali Kitchen is surely a great choice. Decorated in a simple but attractive way, Ngapali Kitchen is a place visitors possibly enjoy themselves and perceive coziness and friendliness. For all meals especially for dinner, people namely couples in love might regard this charming restaurant as a perfect paradise to strengthen their love and boost further connection.

Ngapali Kitchen Restaurant

There is also a strong impression for customers as spending their time in this restaurant. Beside the delicious dishes cooked with great care, nice intimacy and free offerings like rice or drinks, visitors maybe see Ngapali Kitchen as a friendly-budget restaurant because they are severed favorably with really reasonably price.

3. Ocean Pearl

The so impressive brand name of the restaurant might allure tourists that Ocean Pearl is likely a luxurious, elegant and costly restaurant in Ngapali beach. However, in fact, this is one of the friendliest places people are strongly recommended to go for a try when coming to vastly exotic Ngapali beach. One possible reason is that this is run by a family; therefore, customers easily find it cozy, bumpy-bumpy and comfortable as if they were staying at their own family for a meal. Charming smiles plus extreme openness and enthusiasm as well can be seen clearly from every owners or servants in this wow-worthy restaurant. Most of people having tried food in this amazing place are of huge comfort and absolutely wish to come back here.

Ocean Pearl Restaurant

A wide range of comments are that Ocean Pearl is a good restaurant with proper prices. The menu includes a handful of varied seafood, healthy vegetations, worth-to-try desserts can highly satisfy even hard to please customers. Additionally, for western-oriented food, this place could be a desired place to experience because tourists can easily look for such kinds of dishes in Ocean Pearl, but may find it hard to do so in other restaurants in Ngapali beach.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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