Top Things to Do in Myanmar

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Well popular as one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Asia, Myanmar by its unique natural beauty and original customs and cultures conquers a wide range of tourists from all corners of the world. If you are wondering the best things to see and do in Myanmar, you are definitely on the right track to keep your eyes onwards this essay.

1. Explore Yangon by Circular Train

Besides discovering bustling cities to see Myanmar as an active country endeavoring for further development, it is worth to widen your knowledge about this nation’s countryside. Therefore, hop aboard circular train in Yangon could be of a cool introduction of Myanmar and the city as well. This trip provides travelers fantastic, genuine experiences of local daily life through passing over the city center and suburb areas.

2. Chinatown

Dropping in the Chinatown to immerse the vibrant Myanmar’s lives is of great idea. Most of tourists love to take a stroll along the streets so as to grasp amazingly fantastic living affairs. Sitting at the pavement to try for a lot of various street style foods such as Chinese barbecue, Myanmar traditional cuisines and other Asian dishes is worth to do. Looking over the vendors making their life could be of great interest also.

China Town at night

3. Kalaw Elephant Sanctuary

Coming to an area where wild animals, especially elephants are well protected is surely a worthy trip. Once travelers place their feet into a lovely site as Kalaw, they perhaps never accomplish their tour unless doing something crazily terrific here.

Elephants in Freedom in Myanmar

Visiting elephant houses and exploring elephants’ daily life supporting a lot in citizen’s day-to-day activities are incredibly fabulous for sure. It is so cool to touch your hands on friendly elephants and if you wish to gain better memorable experience, you can help them to take a bath. It might be really unique and impressive experiences in Kalaw.

4. Boat Trip on Inle Lake

It could be incredibly fantastic to try for the boat trip on Inle Lake, one of extremely stunning and untouched lake in Myanmar. Exploring the unique leg-rowing of fishermen, viewing marvelous and exotic landscapes, especially romantic and magnificent sceneries at the sun set are unbelievably unforgettable for travelers.

Inle Lake Boat Hills View

So are getting involved in vibrant floating market for the purpose of immersing daily living activities of local people as well as seeking for numerous fresh kinds of foods. Visiting stilted houses and trying for different tasty cuisines right on a floating restaurant are probably amazing and wow-worthy.

5. Balloon Trip in Bagan

Well renounced as one of the most cities which is enviously exotic and charming, it is highly recommended for travelers to take Bagan into consideration. The best way to graph the vastly poetic and magical landscapes of this beautiful city as the whole is to taking a balloon trip.

Bagan Balloon Hot Air

The feelings of standing on the very fresh, cool air and capturing definitely terrific sceneries of a lot of temples, pagodas and the surrounding undoubtedly have a really enjoyable impression on most of tourists. The most rewarding time to give it a try is at the sunrise or sunset where everything looks unexpectedly surprising and lovely in the majority of people’s eyes.

6. Ngapali Beach

If you are hunting for moments as a highlight mark in your Myanmar tourism or simply seeking for relaxing and refresh time, then you should put Ngapali beach into your note. This immensely charming and magically picturesque beach certainly promises to bring you a handful of relaxation, comfort, peace even romance.

Charming Heaven on Earth- Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Numerous couples in love or newly weeding spouses choose Ngapali beach to enjoyin their trip even honeymoon. In this legendarily terrific beach, beside beach bathing into the cool, blue water, people can play a lot of outdoor activities such as volleyball or cycling around to discover the surrounding areas.

Source: Myanmar River Cruises

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