Red Mountain - Promised Land of Invitations

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When it comes to the charming, magnificent Inle Lake in Myanmar, tourists are supposed to be offered countless activities of recreation such as taking a boat trip, getting involved in the float market or visiting float little villages. On top of that, there is seemingly an undiscovered experience relating to the magical Red Mountain which definitely fulfills your Inle Lake Travel with nice surprises and amusements.

1. What is Red Mountain?

Situated on the edge of a hill overlooking the town of Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake, Red Mountain is the second vineyard in Myanmar. At the very first hearing of this site, travelers might wonder about the special name Red Mountain what actually creates such an impressive name.

red mountain inle lake
Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery

There is an interest to learn that the mountain is named after its primary and crucial ingredient having a significant contribution to its main product. That is grapes playing a vital part in producing wine. Red Mountain is exceedingly well known for its wine.

2. What to Do at Red Mountain?

The first idea easily coming to most of travelers’ minds are certainly the vineries. This place is surely a perfect enjoyment for people who are wine lovers. Tourists are provided an amazing opportunity to discover the vineyard and see how grapes are cultivated and grown by the natives. It is also great to explore huge tanks, oak barrels and explore the wine storage as well. This promises pleasant experiences to acquire further knowledge about the procedures of producing bottles of wine.

red mountain vineyard inle lake
Grape Collecting in Red Mountain Vineyard

In addition, there is no way tourists want to miss such an incredibly worthwhile chance to try for various yummy tastes of wine right at its original site. Furthermore, outdoor restaurants are worth to drop in for a meal if you reach this mountain. Of course, on their menu, you surely find it usual to see a lot of wine options. The traditional cuisines along with other international dishes which are enjoyed with amazing cup of wines makes you trip delightful.

red mountain vineyard
Bycicle Ride to Red Mountain

Another noticeable point is why you should take advantage of this exceptional time to carry out as many bottles of wine to your home. The wine here is of friendly budget; therefore, if you are a fan of wine, this is immensely a perfect chance; otherwise considering it souvenirs is not a bad idea.

Besides striking wine stories, Red Mountain is a place for stunning views. The mountain itself covered by lust plants is really an inviting site for those hunting for peace at their bottom of their heart. The feeling of soaking up the country side and staying close to the nature is of enjoyable and memorable experiences.

red mountain vineyard inle sunset
Red Mountain at sunset

Furthermore, the sceneries acquired from the hill through the exotic Inle Lake are of untouched and magnificent. The perfect time for viewing enchanting landscapes is at the sunset where everything is seemingly planned to look colorful and fascinating.

From the town to Red Mountain, it takes around 30 minutes to approach. Therefore, it is so convenient to reach by car. Nonetheless, if you wish to discover the surrounding areas as well as gain further peaceful and relaxing moment, it is better to cycle to Red Mountain.

3. Some Useful Tips for Red Mountain Vineyard Visit

The cycling ride could be of lovable moments, but for better preparation, you are recommended to take along with you a torch or a light for the sake of avoiding dark if you come back late.

red mountain vineyard inle lake 1
Red Mountain Estate Wine Tasters Savouring the late afternoon

Moreover, you perhaps find it hard to seek for parking site if you go with a bike. You can park your bike at a spot close to the main entrance, inside the gate or further up to the hill either.

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