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Whenever setting your foot in Myanmar, you cannot skip the acient city of Mandalay. Not only being the second largest city in Myanmar, but also lies on the list of must - visit tourism destinations in Myanmar. The best things to see and do in Mandalay, which are mentioned in this post, are worth to visit if you have an intention to come in this lovely city.

1. Golden Palace Monastery (Shwenandaw Kyaung)

For those who are carving lovers, they will absolutely feel regretful once coming to Golden Palace Monastery. The wow-worthy experience of sophisticated, stunning architectures and skillful, fantastic artworks inside might be out of visitors’ expectation. If tourists are curious about the historical stories, artful carvings and spectacular inferiors, Golden Palace Monastery is definitely of an ideal site to visit. Moreover, located rather close to the centre of Mandalay, it takes just around a half an hour to reach there.

Golden Palace Monastery (Shwenandaw Kyaung)

2. Mandalay Hill

If you are challenge oriented, approaching Mandalay Hill is never a wrong decision for sure. Travelers are supposed to climb up to the top of the hill so as to explore a temple here. Especially, standing on the top of the hill, people probably find it fabulous to capture the breathtaking overviews of Mandalay. Seeing the sun going down under the glows of glistening colors is of spectacular and amazing experience as well.

Mandalay Hill

3. Mahamuni Pagoda

Highly ranked as one of the three significant pagodas in Myanmar, you might fail to complete Mandalay unless visit Mahamuni Pagoda. Noticeable by the gorgeous, magical inferiors, especially the huge golden Buddha statue, this worthwhile place could fulfill your trip with peaceful atmosphere and terrific feelings. It is a great idea to discover the pond, tortoise cage and little market nearby.

Mahamuni Pagoda

4. Kuthodaw Pagoda & the World's Largest Book

Situated right under the foot of Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw Pagoda looks extremely exotic in while. This fantastic place is where a lot of weddings are held on a yearly basis thanks to its unbelievably gorgeous beauty. Furthermore, well renounced as the World’s Largest Book, it is of perfect opportunity to open your mind about Buddhism along with enjoying yourself with magnificent sceneries.

Kuthodaw Pagoda & the World's Largest Book

5. Sanda Muni Paya

The sole site that can have a par with Kuthodaw Pagoda must be Sanda Muni Paya at certainty. This magnificent place stands out by its charm in white. Visitors perhaps get insights of the main kind of religious culture in this amazingly incredible spot. Furthermore, a wide range of beauteous stupas well arranged in rows and columns are of great impression.

Sanda Muni Paya

6. Mandalay Palace

If you wish to discovery a real palace in Myanmar, then simply go for Mandalay Palace as this is the replica of the real one. There is likelihood that visitors feel as if they were stepping back in time for the purpose of grasp further understanding of Myanmar history. Through walking around and visiting a series of buildings, single King wife’s houses and so on, tourists certainly love this enormously awesome interest spot.

Mandalay Palace

7. Mintha Theater

Watching the enjoyable shows at Mintha Theater is possibly the highlight of every trip to Mandalay. Most of tourists fall in fascination and excitement during their enjoyment of traditional dances, which are well performed by mainly students. With a huge endeavor, these students are pursuing Myanmar traditional culture introduction and protection. It is relatively impressive to enjoy the show by students in beautiful cloths as well as eye-catching movements. If you love to learn their dance, please feel free to ask them for help because there is a sure thing that they will teach you with great enthusiasm and friendliness.

Performance at Mintha Theater

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