U Bein Bridge - A Step Back to History

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If you have chance to travel to Amarapura or Mandalay, don't forget  to visit the most iconic spot of Amarapura, U Bein Bridge. It is recognized as the longest bridge of the world.  This article below will provide you  with more interesting information about this bridge.

In a modern and bustling city like Mandalay of Myanmar, tourists have an abundance of tourism spots with stunning natural sceneries worth to drop in. However, if your time limits your visit to a sole site where you are supposed to wallow in the exotic landscapes and likely to get enchanted by them, it would have to be U Bein Bridge.

What is U Bein Bridge?

Crossing Taungthaman Lake in Myanmar, U Bein Bridge had its construction finalized in 1851. It has stood majestically and stayed in a harmony with locals for over 150 years. It is widespread known as the longest bridge of its kind in the world. U Bein Bridge was named after a major who had a significant contribution in building up this bridge. Other than various bridges in Myanmar, it was made of the remains of a royal palace. That is the reason why behind U Bein Bridge seemingly looking rickety and shaky is a gorgeous historic story related to its origin.

u bein bridge 1
The Historic U Bein Bridge in Myanmar

When it comes to its structures, U Bein Bridge was created from more than 1000 pillars and 1.2 kilometer in length. It was originally made of teak wood completely but now some of its parts are replaced by cement for the sake of better reinforcement.

mandalay u bein bridge
U Bein Bridge in dry season

It is believed that U Bein Bridge becomes an indispensable part in the day to day lives of villages and one of the most rewarding interest places in travelers’ eyes from all walks of life.

Is It Worth to Visit U Bein Bridge?

The answer to the question above is absolutely yes for sure. Whenever navigating your trip to Mandalay, please kindly to bear U Bein Bridge in your mind least you will feel regretful later on for missing such an incredibly unique and magnificent place.

It is a good value of your trip to pop in the bridge which is oldest in terms of teak wooden crossing in the world for a while. Furthermore, its historic span is connected closely to a palace. In other words, U Bein Bridge was built up as the result of that palace removal.

u bein teak bridge
U Bein Bridge at sunset

The most striking point might be U Bein Bridge is of a photogenic sight. It is enormously charming and spectacular to see it crossing through Taungthaman Lake. The bridge is often busy with vendors and monks go back and forth the bridge on foot or by bicycle. People from all corners of the world visiting this site love to take a stroll along the bride to turn themselves a part of the crowds and grasp the insights of daily local features.

In addition, it is easy to capture beautiful and amazing pictures from all sides. U Bein Bride with its untouched and magical beauty becomes the amazing framework for numerous breathless photographs. Taking pictures sounds to be of a favorite and must-do task of most of tourists when coming to lovely U Bein Bride.

u bein bridge myanmar
Vendors on U Bein Bridge

Moreover, taking a boat trip for further understandings of this bridge soul is perhaps of a wow-worthy experience. Sitting on the boat, forget every concern and simply focus on the exotic and poetic bridge will certainly recharge your energy from days of burdens and worries. Wallowing in the huge, cool lake to get your soul stayed in the extreme tranquility is surely of an unforgettable memory.

Tips for Your U Bein Bridge Visit

Although there is no point to complain the enchanting charm and impressive peace all the time; nonetheless, it is strongly recommended to take your visit at the sunset where everything is probably planned to be in extreme of perfection. From different spots, travelers can capture varied views of colorful landscapes in the sparkling of sun lights reflecting into the large and quite lake.

u bein bridge 1
Boat trips at U Bein Bridge

Nevertheless, if you miss the sunset, you might get better to go early in the morning at the sunrise. The sceneries in a great combination of the natural aspects and people in movement also create priceless atmosphere as well.

u bein bridge 2
Local People walking along U Bein Bridge

Visiting U Bein Bridge is of course free of charge but you have to prepare your transportation to reach there. It could be by taxi or motorbike taxi for approximately 8 USD and 5 USD respectively. If you wish a more budget - friendly method, you should pick up a bus which might take around half an hour to approach the bridge.

Hope these information above will help you know more about this beautiful bridge. Let's take voyage with our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises to have the best experience ever.

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