Meet Suchet – The Ex-Captain on SY Meta IV

14 Jun 2019 by Admin

People often say that we human always desire what we don’t possess. It is true, and for Mr. Suchet, the former captain of the Meta IV, the ocean has long been his desire.

Mr. Suchet Has Been Sailing for Many Years

Born to a big family in the mountainous area of Thailand, Suchet grew up along with his thirteen siblings, four sisters and nine brothers. He lived in the hinterland, so far from the ocean that he could hardly imagine how it looks like. In his childhood, electricity and warm water were strange notions to Suchet, he only had cold showers and lanterns.

He used to live in isolation. There was no neighbor near his house and it took him a day to reach the nearest town. At that time, Suchet’s family was penniless and his parents were not able to pay for their children primary education. The life of his family much depended on the land, even their medicine was acquired from the land. This is a period that he could never forget.

When Suchet turned 15, he had the opportunity to experience the ocean life for the very first time with the job of a deckhand. The boyfriend of a Suchet’s sister introduced him to work on a longtail fishing boat which set sail every morning and came back at night with their gainings. However, this first experience soon came to an end.

Suchet was inducted into the army to serve in a period of three years. After having finished his service, he came back to the ocean to continue the life that he had to suspend three years ago. Luckily he was employed to work on a ferry. He literally had no idea that this marked the beginning of a new page in his life. Gradually, with the accumulation of experience, Suchet had acquired various certifications, one after another and finally he was granted the license to work as a Captain.

Meta IV was Designed by The Naval Architect Thomas E. Colvin

When he reached the age of twenty-seven, Suchet was capable of taking over the Captain position on a large oil tanker. After a short time, he had become the captain of a drilling ship. One day, an old friend came to visit him and told him a lot about sailing yachts and leisure cruising. At that time, Suchet had already been an excellent sailor at the age of thirty-eight.

Unfortunately, when the life of Suchet was becoming stable, Thailand underwent a political cataclysm. Many citizens joined riot troops on the streets of cities across the country. Suchet decided to go back on land and utilize the knowledge of traditional medicine that he had acquired during his young ages to help sick people and those who were wounded from the fights.

And then, accidentally, Suchet met a crew member of the SY Meta IV and was introduced to work there. He agreed right away and joined the crew. He started his job as a first mate and gradually climbed up to finally acquire the position of captain.

The Navigating Cabin for The Captain

When being asked what make him like the sailing career that much, Suchet just says “I have fallen for the ocean. I love simple and peaceful life in the ocean. I like fresh seafood and take pleasure in the easiness of catching meals in the ocean and most of all, I love taking guests onboard and seeing them enjoy their time there.

Suchet seems to be a relatively quiet man as he does not talk much. However, what he has faced and experienced would make other people admire. For him, his childhood dream has now been realized as now he has become an admirable captain of the SY Meta IV, one of the greatest Myanmar Private Boats, with an amazing sailing life.

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