What Kind of Food Served Onboard Myanmar River Cruises?

17 Jun 2019 by Admin

Pandaw Ships

Pandaw cruises offer a diverse menu of Southeast Asia cuisine promising to give each and every passenger a great experience of tastes and flavors. You will have an opportunity to enjoy some of the most exotic and spicy eastern meals which are prepared by our amazing chefs. Furthermore, European courses are always ready to serve as well to satisfy your savor. Vegetarian options are also available for your choice.

myanmar river cruises food and drink
Lunch buffet in Pandaw cruise

Anawrahta Cruise

The professional chefs of Anawrahta cruise will deliver the most authentic and delicious Burmese dishes to the passengers such as the traditional salad called thoke, exotic soups and curries. To ensure the unique flavors of the dishes, all the ingredients and condiments are selected from the freshest and finest items. In addition, mouth – watering seafood and vegetarian dishes are prepared in the most imaginative ways.

myanmar river cruises food and drink 1
Burmese salad (Thoke) is a special combination of femented tea leaves and some other ingredients

Paukan Vessels

A wide variety of Asian and Western dishes are served on board of Paukan cruises including vegetarian options. All the ingredients are selective and delivered by experienced chefs which promise to satisfy even the toughest customers. Any special diet and considerations should be informed in advance to make sure all the demands are met.

myanmar river cruises food and drink 2
The innovative chefs are preparing the stunning dishes

The Strand Cruise

The Strand cruise is very proud of its dining options on deck for a great combination of international and Asian cuisines. The menu and eating location are flexible to fulfill every passengers’ pleasure which can be a BBQ party on the open upper deck or simply a cozy event in the ship’s restaurant with a wide range of food selections.

myanmar river cruises food and drink 3
A gourmet dish on the Strand ship's menu

Sanctuary Ananda Ship

Passengers will have a great culinary experience with our lavish ship Sanctuary Ananda. Many favorite and international dishes will present in the menu alongside with Burmese delicacies. For Burmese courses, some ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime and sweet chilli are carefully picked from the local markets during the trip to ensure the freshness as well as the unique taste of the dishes.

The menu encompasses red curries, soft – shelf crabs, pomelo and mango salads, freshly made pasta, excellent steaks and burgers.

myanmar river cruises food and drink 4
A stunning dish of seafood on the deck of Ananda

Belmond Cruises

Prepare to enjoy the journey of flavors onboard with our lavish ships: Belmond Road to MandalayThe renowned chefs and dedicated crew will ensure every passenger in our ships to have an exciting eating experience of Burmese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian and European culinary.

There are a lot of eating options that satisfy your palate including the delicious meat and seafood barbecue, Asian buffet or a table d’hôte dinner with both eastern and western delicacies such as tempura, Burmese risotto and exotic salad. A designed menu will be created for the last dining night onboard with many surprises.

Additionally, in order to create such a delicious course, all the ingredients are chose carefully from the freshest and finest items.

myanmar river cruises food and drink 5
A delicious buffet onboard of Belmond Cruise

Hope these interesting information will help you to plan to travel to Myanmar more easily. Our Luxury Myanmar River Cruises will always assist you to have the best trip ever.

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