Nga Hpe Kyaung - Paradise for Cat Lovers

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It could be never a waste of time to reach the charming and magnificent Inle Lake in Myanmar where tourists are seemingly find it hard to resist their temptation for falling in love with such an incredibly enchanting place. Situated on the western side of Inle Lake, Nga Hpe Kyaung is one of the must-see sites and absolutely promises travelers an amazing trip.

What about Nga Hpe Kyaung

It is said that Nga Hpe Kyunag is a Myanmar monastery rich in its history. Built in 1850s, there is a strong belief that Nga Hpe Kyunag is hugest and oldest among various monasteries in Inle Lake. For this sole reason, it is a worth to drop in this sacred site for a while for the sake of further insights.

Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery
Nga Phe Kyaung (Jumping Cat Monastery)

Nga Hpe Kyunag is well known with other name called The Jumping Cat Monastery. This name is originated from its special and unique feature in cat performances. A lot of cats are raised and well trained here to become professional entertainers. Therefore, this is of a perfect zone for cat lovers for sure.

It is amazingly enjoyable on the witness of cats on the shows. They are leaded by a monk in the past and by a woman at the present to perform skillful jumps. It is please and entertaining to see them leap through the hoops. After the performance, treats and applauses from tourists are given to reward their efforts.

cat jumping monastery inle lake
The jumping cats of Jumping Cat Monastery (Nga Hpe Kyaung), Inle Lake, Myanmar

It might be a great news for tourists that they are free of charge for the funny shows presented by lovely cats. However, if you wish to do a good treatment, you are supposed to put your money into a box on the wall for donation purpose.

For those who adore cats, normally they will spend some time before or after the performance to play with cats. Giving them a hug, feeding them or doing other cute things with them are of likable moments for them.

nga hpe chaung monastery 1
Buddha Statues in Nga Hpe Kyaung, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Beside widespread famous for its paradise for cat lovers, Nga Hpe Kyunag is definitely impressive in travelers from all walks of life in terms of its architectures. Thanks to its rich history, there is likelihood that tourists bear their curiosity about its historical and magical stories.

With a view to grasp further understanding of Nga Hpe Kyunag in regard of its striking past, you had better to look for helps from locals or from people inside the monastery to fulfill your curiosity.

Moreover, it is worthy to make a detour around this site to discover the surrounding area as well. By this way, you likely get to know why this place becomes so popular in Inle Lake. 

cat jumping monastery
Cats are being trained before the shows

Inside the monastery, tourists can see clearly a wide range of Buddha statues. They also probably have a vast impression on a handful of stilts supporting the roof. That is the reason why for those who are not fond of cats still regard this site as a must-visit place in Myanmar. 

nga hpe chaung monastery inle lake
Boat tour to Nga Hpe Kyaung, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Even though Nga Hpe Kyuang – the Jumping Cat Monastery is increasingly aging, its structures are on the show of its ornamentations by ornate woods. As a results, travelers sounds to feel as if they were stepping back to the past for a while during their time in Nga Hpe Kyuang.

When it comes to the approach to get there, tourists may love to learn that they can reach this unique monastery by a boat tour. It could be of a relaxing and cool experience to visit a scared place by boat. 

cat jumping monastery 2
Charming Inle Lake where Nga Hpe Kyaung is located on

All in all, the experiences gained from the fantastic cat shows along with the appealing structures of Nga Hpe Kyuange and other things certainly prove somehow this place is of a wow-worthy interest spot for travelers from all corners of the world as placing to Inle Lake.

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