Tips for Sharing a Cabin in a Myanmar Cruise

13 Jun 2019 by Admin

In holidays and vacations, people often choose to take a cruise with their spouses and family member to have a memorable time together. Yet, there are also some people who want to cruise with their friends or colleagues to strengthen their relationships. However, some issues may arise when you share living space with people that you don’t live with at home who may find it difficult to tolerate and accept your characteristics and habits. In this article, we will give you some tips for sharing a cabin in a Myanmar cruise so that you can bunk successfully with other people.

1. Often Tidy the Cabin

You Should Always Keep Your Cabin Tidy

Because a cruise cabin, even the most luxurious ones like those of the Anawrahta Cruise, has a relatively limited space, you have to clearly determine the storage space of each person. You will have to discuss with your cabin-sharer about which shelves and drawers belong to whom. Remember, just bring necessary cruising items with you in a Burma River Cruise. If you need to put some hanger around the cabin, you are recommended to ask your cruise companion beforehand whether they have any opposing opinion. It is important that you adjust your manners and don’t behave as if you were in your own room. For example, for clothes the clothes that you have just worn, you should never lay them on the bed, but put them in a corner of your closet. The same thing is applicable to shoes.

2. Establish Bathroom Rules

Bathroom in a Pandaw Cruise

When you are the first one to unpack toiletries and bathroom necessities, remember not to lay out everything, just take out the most necessary items and put them in a corner of the shelves, put the remaining stuff in an over-the-door shoe bag. You should also ask your cabin-sharer whether they mind if you hang your washed clothes up to dry in the bathroom because s/he might be bothered by the sight of your clothes dripping in the bathroom. Moreover, on the very first day of your Burma River Cruise, you should have a conversation with your cabin-mate about the shower time so you will never find yourself in a scenario where you die waiting for your companion to finish cleansing when your shore excursion about to leave or the dinner is about to begin.

3. Keep the Cabin Fresh

Using Fragrance is a Good Method to Maintain Freshness of Your Cabin

In respect to the matter of freshness in the cabin, you should always take into consideration the various smells and odors that can be spawned within the limited space of the cabin. You may arrange with your companion to use a public bathroom when “ nature calls” to avoid creating unpleasant odors in the cabin or you can prepare deodorant to keep the air as fresh as possible. However, you should also ask your cabin-sharer whether he or she is sensitive to aromas because this can be even more irksome than the natural odors. Speaking of which, some people cannot bear up against perfumes, so ask if your companion has this problem before spraying yourself with your favorite deodorants or perfumes.

4. Mind the Light and Noise

Reading Lamp for Each Individual

Lighting may be an issue if the two persons sharing a cruise cabin have different routines, one of an early bird and the other of a night owl. Nothing is worse than being awakened up by light and noise when you are still in a dream land. At night, many travelers choose to read a book to kill time and then they fall asleep while the lights are still on, which can be very annoying for their cabin-sharer. It is not a big deal for your life partner to lean over and turn off the light, but it is really awkward for a friend to do so in the middle of the night. In some cabins, there are reading lights on the side of each individual, so it is not really a serious problem. However, if the reader really cannot change their habit, then a sleeping mask will be a ‘life-saver” in this circumstance. All things considered, when sharing a cruise cabin, you should always be well-mannered and remember to turn off the light if you are the last to sleep.

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